FCCA Twin Creeks Head Start Program Philosophy

The mission of the Twin Creeks Head Start Program is to increase the overall competence of preschool children primarily from low income families in our counties.  We will pull together all of our resources to enable our children to communicate better, reason better, eat more nutritious foods, have healthier habits, feel more self confident and curious, and be capable of greater
self-discipline as a result of their experiences in Head Start.
We recognize that our best efforts will fail if parents don't understand, support and reinforce what we do.  Therefore we will work aggressively to involve them.  Rather than wait for them to take the initiative, we will reach out and draw parents in to help with everything from policy making to handwashing.  Where they lack skill or courage, we will provide training and encouragement.
We will attempt to see that each child, and each family with whom we have the opportunity to work, leaves the Head Start Program with increased expectation of success.
Together, and in the most cost effective ways we can find, our staff and parents will focus their considerable power on assuring that every child leaving Head Start knows s/he is somebody.
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